MH-DA006 Flagship DAC
1. A new designed fully discrete analog output circuit, with a total of 22 circuit units.
2. Total of 6 power transformers for different parts.
3. Fully discrete high-current power circuits for analog parts.
4. Selected high-grade metal foil capacitors are used as power supply bypass filters.
5. A built-in high-performance USB DDC with USB2.0 bus isolation.
6. The DAC has synchronous and asynchronous working modes.
7. Use FPGA to rebuilt the input audio data.
8. THD+N < -120dB (0.00010%)(A-weighted). Dynamic range > 130dB.
9. Dimensions: width 430mm * depth 380mm * hight 122mm (including the feet).

1. ESS ES9039pro DAC chip.
2. Coaxial *2, AES/EBU *1, Optical *1, support formats up to PCM 192K or DOP64.
3. I2SH input *1, support formats up to PCM768K or DSD1024.
4. Amanero USB module, support formats up to PCM384K or DSD512.
5. Bluetooth audio connection.
6. Full discrete output circuit, realistic sound and excellent texture.
7. RCA output 2.5Vrms, XLR 5Vrms.
8. THD+N < -116dB (0.00015%) (A-weighted). Dynamic range > 127dB.
9. Dimensions: width 324mm * depth 245mm * height 76mm (including the feet).

MH-SA001 Pre-amplifier
1. Separate all circuits of left and right channels to achieve complete isolation.
2. All Class-A amplification circuit design.
3. Full discrete components low resistance path current mode volume control circuitry.
4. 256 volume levels, with 0.25dB step resolution for common volume areas.
5. Frequency Response -1dB 1.3Hz~900Khz.
6. THD+N lowest about 0.00049% (A-weighted).
7. 5 input ports, RCA*3, XLR*2.
8. Support RCA input to XLR output, or XLR input to RCA output.
9. Dimensions: width 430mm * depth 380mm * height 122mm (including the feet).


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